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All currencies calculated to USD

The rates are applicable to our corporate customers.

Exchange rates are indicative and may fluctuate throughout the day to reflect the current market rate. For the most up-to-date exchange rate quotation, please call our Customer Service on +44 207 776 4646

Our Products.

BNI offers solutions to help corporate businesses grow

• Working Capital Loan
• Investment Loan
• Project Finance
• Syndicated Loan

BNI offers tailored wholesale deposits for your business needs

• Wholesale Deposit

BNI provides comprehensive trade finance solutions to facilitate international trade

• Documentary Credit Import & Export
• Standby LC/Demand Guarantee
• Collections
• Trade Financing

BNI provides fast and secure transactional services

• Forex: Spot and Forward
• IDR remittances to Indonesia
• USD/GBP/EUR payment
• Nostro account

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About us.

Your Trusted Partner for Financial Success

BNI is a state-owned commercial bank in Indonesia, originally established as a central bank in 1964. It was renamed “Bank Negara Indonesia 1946” in 1968 and its role as a bank was mandated to improve the people’s economy and participate in national development.